Enroll in the right Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program and find financial freedom!


Creating your FSAID

Your complete guide to creating your FSAID (Federal Student Aid ID).

Consolidating Your Student Loans

Your complete guide to enrolling in a Federal Government Consolidation. Have all your student loans rolled into one easy to manage loan, with a low interest rate and one monthly payment.

Income Driven Repayment Plans

Your complete guide to what Federal Income Driven Repayment Programs are available to you.

Helping you choose the RIGHT on for you. 

You deserve a break from your STUDENT Loans

You worked hard to go to college and shouldn't feel overwhelmed for the next 20 years paying back your loans!!

Who Are We?

Welcome to The King Consulting.

We are David and Bryony King and have been consulting with clients about reaching their financial freedom for over 14 years across 3 different continents.

For the last 3 years we have been specializing in student loan repayment plans and helping people gain freedom from their student loan financial pressures by enrolling them into government approved federal programs that have been around for many years.

We have saved our clients collectively over 2 million dollars. While this may not make us popular with lenders, we don't care. We are here to help our clients gain financial freedom and put joy and relief back in their lives.

We are experts and we love to help our clients!

Let us help you master your student loans.